MPF Xtra® Product
Today's Rates: 11/26/14
Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Advances
Bullet Amortizing
Maturity Rate CIP/EDF Rate CIP/EDF
2 year 0.85 See PDF 0.73 See PDF
3 year 1.30 See PDF 1.01 See PDF
5 year 2.02 See PDF 1.54 See PDF
7 year 2.51 See PDF 1.95 See PDF
10 year 3.00 See PDF 2.41 See PDF
Today's Rates: 11/26/14
Short-Term, Fixed-Rate Advances
Maturity Rate Maturity Rate
CMA .300
7 days 0.29 90 days 0.31
14 days 0.29 120 days 0.32
30 days 0.29 180 days 0.34
60 days 0.28 365 days 0.47
Rates as of
Prepayable Loan Advance (PLA) Index
Maturity3 Yr5 Yr7 Yr10 Yr
Fixed-rate Bullet Advance1.362.102.633.12
Bermudan (Quarterly Exercise)
1 Year non-call1.562.473.123.74
(Spread to fixed-rate)0.200.370.490.62
2 Year non-call1.472.373.023.65
(Spread to fixed-rate)
European (One-Time Exercise)
1 Year non-call1.522.352.933.47
(Spread to fixed-rate)
2 Year non-call1.462.312.903.47
(Spread to fixed-rate)
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  • November 26, 2014
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Names 2015 Affordable Housing Advisory Council Members to Represent Hawaii, Idaho, and Montana; Oregon and Utah Representatives Named Chair and Vice Chair
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  • November 21, 2014
  • Community Investment News: Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Announces 2015 AHP Implementation Plan
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  • The Seattle Bank is preparing for a number of events in the coming months. Please check back soon for more information.
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Strategic Solutions

  • Fund Future Loan Demand at Today’s Low Rates – and No Upfront Costs
  • The ability to lock-in today’s low rates and settle at a future date makes the Forward Settling Advance a powerful funding and hedging tool for commercial real estate/construction loan originators.
    Read the “Forward Settling” Strategy