Community Investment

2015 AHP Funding Round

The Seattle Bank’s 2015 AHP Funding Round will open earlier this year than in previous years. The application will be available on or around March 1, 2015, and is due on May 15, 2015. The amount of funding available in the 2015 funding round will be announced with our 2014 preliminary operating highlights in February 2015.

What can you do now to prepare?

  • Read our recent Community Investment News which highlights changes to the Seattle Bank’s 2015 AHP and Home$tart Programs.
  • Review the 2015 AHP Implementation Plan which details requirements for the 2015 AHP including its scoring criteria and feasibility benchmarks.
  • If you are a project sponsor, establish a relationship with a Seattle Bank member as early in the process as possible. Check our Member Directory for a list of Seattle Bank members.
  • Stay tuned for more information on the 2015 funding round, including upcoming web seminars designed to help you learn about the application process, scoring criteria, and how to avoid common mistakes that may affect your project’s scoring.

Please note that our 2015 AHP Implementation Plan will not be affected by the proposed merger between the Seattle Bank and Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.

Community Investment

The Seattle Bank supports affordable housing and economic development initiatives through a number of community investment programs. Our Affordable Housing Program (AHP) and Home$tart Program, which are funded with 10 percent of the bank’s annual net income, provide direct subsidy for affordable housing. Our Community Investment Program (CIP) and Economic Development Fund (EDF) are discounted loan programs that are available on a continuous basis.

All funding is distributed through our member financial institutions, which work with their community partners to put these dollars to work to meet a wide range of community needs, including: the acquisition, rehabilitation, and development of affordable rental and owner-occupied housing; the financing of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, social service, public facility, or public and private infrastructure projects; and the provision of highly-rated Standby Letters of Credit.