Financial Services

Our integrated approach allows our members to manage daily cash needs seamlessly and conveniently, saving time and money. You can simplify operations and easily put your money to work by choosing from our array of services and letting us do the rest.

Our daily rate information is posted online and you can review transaction reports and account activity from your desktop with our online services application.

Demand Deposit Account (DDA)

Members use this account as a central settlement point for advances, securities safekeeping, and pledged services. Ideal for excess liquidity, this account earns a competitive interest rate that is based on the fed funds rate. The DDA monthly fee is $18.00.

Transfer and Settlement Services

Trust our professionals with your transfer and settlement services. We can transfer funds and settle with the Federal Reserve Bank. Plus, you'll benefit from having all your activity flow through an explicit interest-bearing account.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Convenient and competitively priced, our CDs are a smart investment alternative for excess liquidity. Available in terms from two to 365 days, they can be used as collateral for advances and public deposits in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Washington.

To sign up for these services or for more information contact Member Services.