The 2012 Home$tart and Home$tart Plus Program Year
A complimentary web seminar archive for Seattle Bank members

Seattle Bank members participating in our Home$tart and/or Home$tart Plus Programs are well aware of the benefits these programs provide, including downpayment assistance for first-time homebuyers—your customers—and deposit growth opportunities for your financial institution.

Our 2012 Home$tart and Home$tart Plus Program year starts on April 2, and we want to be sure you have all of the information you need to make the most effective and efficient use of Home$tart and Home$tart Plus grant funds.

Join Community Programs Analysts Craig Horton and Mandie Ludlam to learn more about the 2012 Home$tart and Home$tart Plus Program year, including our 2012 allocation strategy, qualifying homebuyers, and post-disbursement requirements. Craig and Mandie will also discuss how to efficiently and effectively:

  • Calculate annual household income for Home$tart and Home$tart Plus eligibility
  • Enroll a Home$tart or Home$tart Plus homebuyer
  • Submit a Home$tart or Home$tart Plus disbursement request

Who Should View This Archive Web Seminar
This presentation is designed for Seattle Bank members currently participating or interested in participating in the Home$tart and/or Home$tart Plus Programs.

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Questions? Please contact Community Programs Analyst Mandie Ludlam (206.340.2389).