Board of Directors

The Seattle Bank's Board of Directors is comprised of financial service, business, and community leaders from across our district. The board currently includes 14 director positions: eight member directors and six independent directors. Two of the independent directors are designated as public interest directors.

  • Member directors must be officers or directors of Seattle Bank member institutions.
  • Independent directors are required to have knowledge or experience in one or more of the following areas: auditing and accounting, derivatives, financial management, organizational management, project development, risk management practices, or the law.
  • Public interest directors are required to have at least four years experience representing consumer or community interests on banking services, credit needs, housing, or financial consumer protections.

Directors generally serve four-year terms, which are staggered to better ensure continuity in our corporate governance. Some directors may serve shorter terms in order to ensure that approximately one-fourth of the terms expire each year. Seattle Bank executives may not serve as chair or members of the Board of Directors.

Member Directors
William V. Humphreys – Chairman
  • William V. Humphreys – Chairman
  • President, CEO, & Director, Citizens Bancorp
  • Representing
  • Biography
Michael J. Blodnick
  • Michael J. Blodnick
  • Board Member, Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
  • Representing
  • Biography
David P. Bobbitt
  • David P. Bobbitt
  • Chairman & CEO, Community 1st Bank
  • Representing
  • Biography
David J. Ferries
  • David J. Ferries
  • President, CEO, & Director, First Federal Savings Bank
  • Representing
  • Biography
Russell J. Lau
  • Russell J. Lau
  • President & CEO, Finance Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Representing
  • Biography
James G. Livingston
  • James G. Livingston
  • Senior Vice President, Investments Division,
    Zions First National Bank
  • Representing
  • Biography
J. Benson Porter
  • J. Benson Porter
  • President & CEO , Boeing Employees' Credit Union
  • Representing
  • Biography
Robert M. Teachworth
  • Robert M. Teachworth
  • President & CEO, Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union
  • Representing
  • Biography

Independent Directors
Ruth B. Bennett
  • Ruth B. Bennett
  • Principal
  • Biography
Marianne M. Emerson *
  • Marianne M. Emerson *
  • Senior IT Professional
  • Biography
Michael W. McGowan
  • Michael W. McGowan
  • CEO & Chairman
  • Biography
Cynthia A. Parker *
  • Cynthia A. Parker *
  • President & CEO
  • Biography
Thomas P. Potiowsky
  • Thomas P. Potiowsky
  • Professor & Chair, Economics Department & Director
  • Biography
David F. Wilson
  • David F. Wilson
  • CEO
  • Biography

* Public Interest Director