Issue 3 2012
Optimize NIM and Manage Risk: Using a Blended Funding Approach to Originate Mortgages
To Prepay or Not Prepay: That Is Not the Question
Issue 2 2012
Disassembling the Basel III and Standardized Approach Capital NPRs
Using Standby Letters of Credit to Collateralize Your Public Deposits
Issue 1 2012
Enterprise Risk Management Considerations for Today's Financial Institutions
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies: The Symmetrical Prepayment Advance
Q4 2011
Too Much of a Good Thing? Why the Recent Surge in Low Cost Deposit Funding—and What to Do About it Now
The Auction Advance: The Seattle Bank’s “Silent Auction”
Q3 2011
Finding the Funding Strategy That's Right for Your Institution
Q2 2011
Liquidity Management: An Evolving Concept
This Spring's Ultimate Bracket-Buster: The Symmetrical Prepayment Advance
Q4 2010
Managing Cash Flows in the Investment Portfolio: Smoothing out Risk and Reward
Liquidity Availability: Building Your Proof Points in the World of Wholesale Funding
Q3 2010
Wholesale Funding: A Required Management Tool
Three-Year CIP/EDF Rates Nearing 1%! Can You Afford Not to Take Advantage?
Q2 2010
Are You Basing Your Loan Pricing Decisions on Your Competition?
Life After Quantitative Easing: A Shrinking Fed Balance Sheet and Incremental Monetary Tightening?
Q1 2010
Interagency IRR Advisory Bulletin: Implications and Opportunities for Balancing Risk and Return
Seattle Bank Letters of Credit for Tax-Exempt Funding
Q4 2009
Selling Problem Loans: Cash for Clunkers
The Silver Lining in Housing Foreclosures
Q3 2009
Preparing for a New Era in Liquidity-Risk and Funds Management
Responding to Risk
Q2 2009
Changes in Fair Value
Marginal Cost of Advances vs. Deposits under the FDIC's New Insurance Assessment Schedule
Q1 2009
The Knockout Putable Advance: "Set it and forget it!"
Managing Liquidity Risk in a Near-Zero Environment
Q4 2008
Capital Alternatives in Today’s Distressed Environment
The Art of Marginal Cost Analysis and Assessing Your True Cost of Funds Part Two: Defensive Funding Strategies
Q3 2008
The Art of Marginal Cost Analysis and Assessing Your True Cost of Funds
The Knockout Putable Advance: "Set it and forget it!"
Q2 2008
Strategic Intuition: The Key To Innovation
Those Who Stay Cool and Calm... Can Coll$ct! Balance Sheet Management Strategies for Turbulent Times
Q1 2008
Making a Case for Investing In Your Bond Portfolio
Making the Most of Strategic Planning
Q4 2007
Economic Value of Equity: The Essentials
Q3 2007
Designing an Optimal Capital Structure
Volatility on the Rise?
June 2007
Measure Risk to Manage Risk
Chances Are, You're Originating Loans that Qualify for Low-Cost Funding, but Not Taking Advantage of the Opportunity!
May 2007
Understanding Today's Mortgage Markets
April 2007
Remembering What Business Process Re-engineering Really Means
March 2007
Making Your Branches More Productive: Opportunities and Potholes
The Seattle Bank Accepts More Eligible Collateral!
February 2007
Making Sense of Today's Roller-Coaster Yield Curve
Auction-Based Advances: Short-Term Funding at Attractive Rates
January 2007
Promoting Financial Stability: Creating Opportunity for the Underserved While Growing Your Customer Base
Beyond Hobson's Choice: Match Funding Loans without Prepayment Penalties
December 2006
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies: Using Floored Advances to Hedge Against Falling Interest Rates
Getting Past the "D" Word to Better Manage Balance Sheet Risk
November 2006
Do You Need an Independent, Third Party ALM Model Verification?
October 2006
Know Thyself Revisited: Understanding Your Institutional Profile
Repo Programs vs. Wholesale Advances: Be Sure Youre Comparing Apples with Apples
September 2006
Building the Case for Community Investment: Real Examples of Real Returns
Preserve Your Margins, Meet Your CRA Goals, and Enhance Your Community Profile? CIP/EDF Can Help!
August 2006
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies 4: Using Adjustable-Rate Funding to Hedge Asset Sensitivity and Address Basis Risk
July 2006
Fighting Fire With Fire: Using "Returnable" Advances
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies 3:Using Returnable Advances to Mitigate Prepayment Risk
June 2006
Identity Theft and Data Security: What You Need to Know Now
It 's June 2006. Do You Know What Your Wholesale Funding Limits Are?
May 2006
Essentials of Strategic Planning: Setting the Stage for Sustainable Banking at the Speed of Sound
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies 2: Using Flipper Advances to Obtain Sub-LIBOR Funding
April 2006
Four Strategies for Making the Trend Your Friend
March 2006
Using the Yield Curve to Forecast Interest Rates
Obtaining Greater Balance Sheet Liquidity and Flexibility via the Seattle Bank 's Expanded Collateral Program
February 2006
Timely Wholesale Funding Strategies: Using Capped, Floating-Rate Advances in a Flat Yield Curve Environment
Executive Sessions of Your Board
January 2006
Loan Officer Retention: A Training Approach
Standby Letters of Credit: Efficient, Low-Cost, Payment Guarantees for Multiple Funding Needs
December 2005
Achieving High Performance in a Declining Margin Industry: Are Your Strategic Ducks in a Row for 2006?
November 2005
Risk-Scoring Your Commercial Underwriting - From a Director's Point of View
Out with the Old, In with the New: Funding Strategies for a Flat Yield Curve
October 2005
The 'Three R 's ' of Preparing for Your Next ALM Exam or Audit
September 2005
Expanding Customer Share-of-Wallet via the Professional Services Market: Eight Prescriptions that Could Differentiate You from the Competition
Amortizing Advances
August 2005
Reducing Your Funding Costs via Geographic Segmentation Strategies - Part Two: Competitive Measures for Competitive Times
Avoiding the Pitfalls in Innovative CDs
July 2005
Reducing Your Funding Costs via Geographic Segmentation Strategies - Part One: Analyzing Potential Markets
June 2005
Addressing Your 'Impact Areas' and Taking a Step Beyond the Numbers
May 2005
Strong ALCOs Breed Strong Banks: Balance Sheet Strategies for the Current Environment
How 20 Minutes Just Might Save You 20 Basis Points (with apologies to GEICO!)
April 2005
Managing Funding Costs: Staying on Target in a Rising Rate Environment
March 2005
Toughing Out a Flatter Yield Curve
February 2005
Capped, Floating Rate Advances: The Best of Both Worlds
January 2005
Tools for Your Success: In Search of an Optimal Funding Mix
December 2004
Tools for Your Success: Minimizing the Cost of Growing Your Financial Institution at the Margin
November 2004
Let Market Strategies Define Liquidity Policies
Seattle Bank Announces New MPP Servicing Released Provider
October 2004
Tools for Your Success: Managing ROE via Balance Sheet Growth
September 2004
Repositioning Your Balance Sheet in a Rising Rate Environment
Pipeline Management Considerations in a Rising Rate Environment
August 2004
The Sum Also Rises: Strategies for Succeeding in a Rising Rate Environment
July 2004
To Prepay or Not to Prepay Advances: That is the Question
June 2004
A Plan for All Seasons
May 2004
Raise Rates or Stand Pat: What's Your Deposit Pricing Game Plan?
How Mortgage Lenders Use Futures to Hedge Pipeline Risk
April 2004
The Art of Juggling: Balance Sheet Management in a Volatile Rate Environment
March 2004
How to Control Interest Expense When Rates Are 'Going Up'
February 2004
Five Common Faux Pas
January 2004
Five Resolutions for a Profitable New Year
December 2003
Managing Extension Risk: Using Short-Duration Hybrid ARMs to Increase Asset Sensitivity in a Rising Rate Environment
November 2003
Managing Extension Risk: How a Little Bit of 'Kryptonite' Could Make You a Financial Superhero
October 2003
Raise Rates or Stand Pat: What's Your Deposit Pricing Game Plan?
September 2003
Know Thyself: Understanding Your Institutional Profile